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Advertising marquees

As manufacturers of inflatable advertising, we offer printed advertising marquees. These are practical and attractive elements of any outdoor event. We manufacture inflatable tents in various sizes and shapes.

We will prepare an advertising marquee for you

A very practical addition to various outdoor events is the inflatable tent. It allows participants to shelter themselves and the sun. You can also shield the food you wish to serve and the exhibits or products for sale on offer from the weather. In addition, such an inflatable tent, which is large in size, is an excellent place to place company advertisements. Getting them right can make people passing by visit your stand and attract their attention for longer. Therefore, try to design your product well and we will produce it for you with the utmost precision. Our advertising graphics are of a high standard that guarantees the satisfaction of every customer. All you have to do is give us your logo and advertising slogan, with which you will encourage others to take advantage of your offer.

Printed inflatable tent - highly visible advertising

The products we offer can vary in size, but even the smallest are large enough to be clearly visible from a distance. If you choose the right colours, people will quickly take notice and come closer to see who and what you are organising. Therefore, make sure that your advertising is inviting. At pneumatic tent you can include advertising slogans, as well as a promotional offer that will provide an additional incentive to use your company's services. Will you gain customers this way? Very likely, because the photo from the event is sure to be shared by everyone. In this way, even those who have not been with you will see your advertisement. The large size of this advertising medium makes it easier to reach a large audience.

Printed tents - what makes them stand out?

Our proposed printed advertising marquees You can set up at any time during the organisation of an outdoor event. You will do this quickly and efficiently, as assembly takes just a few minutes. The variants you will find in our range are also extremely functional. Inside the inflatable tents the optimum temperature prevails, making them an ideal shelter for visitors or clients at any time of the year. The structure also has a visible and convenient entrance. In turn, the shape of the dome is visually appealing and catches the eye of all participants in an event.

Weatherproof inflatable tents

Our company offers inflatable tents are used particularly in the open air. They are brilliantly designed, extremely durable and resistant, so they look perfect for a long time. You don't have to worry about your ad being fuzzy at the end of the event - nothing like that will happen. We can apply different adverts to one material, serving successive people at one-off events. We also include the fixing cords and needles, which are strong, so they prevent wind entrainment. So you can enjoy the event in peace, rather than worrying about whether everything will go according to plan.

Put up the inflatable tent you want

Thanks to the fact that we print adverts on customers' request, yours will look exactly as you imagine it. You can include any print in your favourite shape. Pneumatic tent can be made of PVC-coated or PP-impregnated fabric. In both options, we will match the type of printing, making them look grand regardless of the fabric. So you can enhance your event in any way you like, pleasing yourself and your potential customers. You know best what you need, so you choose your product yourself. We just prepare it. We will provide you with a carry bag, which you can easily carry with you. inflatable tentand also a blower. We can also add lighting to make your advertisement look great even after dark. Then you will also become even more visible!

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